Traveling in today’s world

Convenience or Lack There Of?

In my business, I am constantly on the go.  I travel all over the place a lot of the time.  I used to love to travel.  It was fun.  It was exciting.  There were perks.  The flight attendants (FKA: Stewardesses) were pleasing on the eye.  And there was a sense of class to it.

Today, it is a necessary evil that has plunkered itself into the middle or bottom of the pack.  When is the last time you took a trip, business or pleasure, that you weren’t annoyed, stressed, exhuasted, hungry, tired…the list can go on and on and on.  And you’ll see that the adjectives are such positive fillers.

Why is that?  What has changed?  Well, first, competition created price fluxuation.  Also, they operated at a higher cost deficit then was expected, so at the end of the day, they had too many planes and routes with not enough passengers.  Remind me to tell you the story of Southwest owner, Herb Kelleher, and how he changed the entire airline industry.

But that too, is for another time.  But I will say, SWA is by far and away my favorite airline to fly on when I’m traveling domestically.  I’ve yet to jump onto Virgin America, but will be experiencing their service in 3 weeks, so I’ll have a comparison.

I make sure to get to and from the airport with as much ease as possible.  Usually, I’ll take a Town Car as my airport limo service.  But when I’m traveling with my family, I’ll get something larger like an Escalade. Continue Reading

The story of Southwest owner Herb Kelleher, and how he changed the entire Airline Industry.

As students, we come fresh into the fast paced corporate world, where the great inspirations, such as Herb Kelleher, provide us guidance to navigate our ways in the direction of success and achievements.


Herb Kelleher is the co-founder and the former CEO of the Southwest Airlines. He is the first person to introduce low price air travel by eliminating the unnecessary services. He started his career as a lawyer, but soon proceeded towards his dream vision, airlines. He was favored by most of his employees because of his working style and optimistic approach. He took his retirement from the job in 2012 at the age of eighty one.

His Life Sketch

Herb Kelleher’s life has not always been Rose and Bushes. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan and his law degree from New York University, he became a lawyer and continued his practice in the East Coast. After some time, he relocated to Texas and opened his own firm. But, soon he realized that there was something missing in his life. He then advanced towards the career of an entrepreneur and hatched a new business that is Southwest Airlines along with his partner Rollin King.

The business background of Rollin King and the legal background of Herb Kelleher proved much beneficial to the company and together they put Southwest Airlines to new heights. Initially, they had to face many difficulties even before the take-off of their first flight. But, it took only four flights for the company to become famous and favorable among the mass.

The impact on the Airline Industry

Although Southwest Industry is not the first airline in the American industry, many of its methods and practices would go on to become game-changers in the airline industry. For instance, the unnecessary things that could be avoided were excluded from the flights. This pushed the ticket prices of the flights much lower, and turned an enterprise that was a privilege for the rich into a facility that can be enjoyed by the masses. With the increase in the competition, customers gained the power of negotiation and demand. The companies were forced to put-forth the customer service before anything else.

It also increased employment in the industrial sector. Thousands of people were given the opportunities to prove themselves and ride the ladder of success.

Southwest Industries brought a mega change in the airline industry, changing the whole course of the services and the prices. It benefited the common masses in more ways than one and successfully made it possible for the middle class and the lower class to enjoy the luxuries, which were only said to be there for the rich people.

It strengthens the established connection in between the world, proving greater benefits to the world economy.

Today’s Thoughts

Getting back at it

It’s taken me a few to get back here.  Forgive the delay.  I’ve been crazy busy at home and at work.  But that’s a good thing, wouldn’t ya say?

So, I promised some insight into successes and failures.  I’m going to start with a failure, because it’s a great learning lesson and it also what I find that most people prefer to hear about.

A few years ago I got involved in a business venture that had to do with barter.  If you don’t know what barter is, that’s completely understandable.  Basically, it’s trading, but there’s a very lucrative side to it where you can offer items you may have in surplus to people who need it and they can trade you what they need.  Or goods can be bought and paid for by barter.  It’s a huge industry with lots of potential.

Me, I got started and didn’t have the best plan.  I started a company, having left my job after being there for a long time and set out on my own.  My problem was my focus and attention.  I got distracted.  I wasn’t productive.  I was busy, but I didn’t do the tasks that took me to where I wanted to go. And looking back, I was a perfectionist.  So, I’d spend hours, days, weeks on something that I could have finished in an afternoon.

At the end of the day, I’d gone and lived a dream, started something I really had hopes and desires to accomplish…and I failed.  I lost the company, my money and respect of other business people.

But, there is a silver lining.  By failing at this attempt, I learned that I had skills I needed to gain in order to be successful in business.  I had to go outside of myself to learn these.  Because, when you are working with yourself, how can you do or learn new things?  You can’t, because you don’t have anyway or knowledge other then what’s in your head.  Which brings me to my next point.


All successful people have mentors.  Or quite possibly a Mastermind group.  Do your research.  All of them do.  Sometimes you may find that there isn’t a person in your circle or someone that you can reach out to that is the kind of mentor you’d like to find.  That’s okay too.

Why not check out some of the great leaders of today.  Or some of the influential men and women in your industry.  For years, I always wanted a special mentor.  Guess where I found them.  Books.  I began to read.  I tried to get through as many of the great personal development books as I could.

Here are some you could start with:

  • Napoleon Hill
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • James Allen
  • Grant Cardone
  • Richard Carlson
  • Tony Robbins
  • Eric Worre
  • Malcom McDowell
  • Guy Vaynerchuk
  • Tim Ferriss

This will keep you busy for a while.  And even if you aren’t looking for a mentor, checking out the writings, teachings and podcasts of these incredible leaders and teacher will only benefit who you are and who you will become.


Crawl before you walk

The old adage is on point

Crawl Walk Run Fly

And you have to walk before you run No matter what you are attempting, there are growing pains.  Remember when you were little and you started something new?  You sucked.  Plain and simple.  But it was fun to learn.  So, you didn’t think about how bad you were at it.  Then over time, you got better and better.  And if it was something that you continued to focus on, you might have become an expert.

There’s something called the 10,000 rule.  You have to do something for 10,000 hours before you can master it.  There’s a great book by Malcolm Gladwell called Outliers and it goes into this in much more depth.

Do you think that Lance Armstrong (minus the steroids) was world class the first time he got on his tricycle?  Or that Michael Phelps didn’t sink to the bottom of the pool when his mom tossed him in the pool?  Of course not.

Or think of it another way…

If your mind decided that just because it was hard, it wasn’t worth it, you’d never be walking.  I’ve been watching my son now for almost a year.  At first, he couldn’t roll over…then it was once and now he doesn’t stay still.  He finally learned to crawl but wasn’t able to stand.  Then standing happened which led to the first step and finally multiple steps.  And now, walking.  Which means GAME OVER for me as a parent.  But that’s not the point.

What’s the point?

If you want something, be willing to put the time, energy and effort into learning it.  And know you are going to have multiple fails before you win.  Sure you might have some early wins, but that might be luck.  To be able to create an outcome at will.  That takes mastery.  That takes time.  Like 10,000 hours.  What do you want to do that you are willing to be gloriously terrible at for at least five years before being an “overnight success”?

Find your passion.  Go after it.  And be like my son who stood (rolled over and crawled too) in the face of failure and gave it the middle finger.

P.S. You can compress the time from of 10,ooo hours, but read the book to find out how.

(Click the book image to get your copy)


Welcome to my new website

Hey y’all (I’ve got some southern blood in my veins), welcome to my new website called Planet-Bob.

What you will be finding here are things that I’ve learned in my life and in my business.  I plan on offering as much insight into what I’ve experienced over the years.  I’m not too old, but I’m not too young either.  And I probably won’t be going into those specifics, because they aren’t necessary to know.  What you will gain from this is the knowledge of someone who has been through it before and continues to go through it.

Let’s get started.  I’ve always been a business minded man.  As a child I started numerous ventures.  One being a “shoplifting” program to help businesses monitor their security systems.  That was an adventure.  Getting paid to go and steal from a company.  Granted, I never got to keep the stuff, but the looks on the employees and managers faces when I came back in with a boat load of stolen goods.  Priceless.

That was a good and short run as technology took over and made me obsolete.  Apparently, technology is popping up and running our human made ideas into the ground then revamping them for themselves.  Tech is where it is at.  Stay ahead of the curve.  That’s just some free advice.  If everyone is doing something, maybe you should be looking for that next thing.  The one that nobody or not many people are up to at that moment.  There’s a great book that I recommend, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson that really gives a fantastic look at what I just mentioned.

But do not fret, there are countless options for you to take a look at in this world.  What I do recommend is that you look at who you are and what you want and go from there.  Are you interested in the tech aspect?  Team building?  Affiliate marketing?  Are you a straight up designer?  These are just a few ideas that came to my head, but I might not even be touching on where you are at.  That’s okay too.  Take the time to get to know you and what you want and that’s a good direction to begin moving towards.

Over my next few posts, I will go into more of what I have tried and succeeded at….and also what I have attempted and failed.

Know that by making the attempt, you are one step closer to getting that big win.  What you cannot do is quit.  That’s the surest way to failure that I know.

See you soon.